About Us

Who is SendtoNews?

SendtoNews exists to help traditional and born online publishers succeed in the digital world. We provide them rich, engaging and official video direct from the top leagues in sports for their readers. Not only are these videos and highlights free of charge, but they actually generate revenue via the advertising we sell on the publishers behalf.

Helping Publishers Thrive

SendtoNews was founded by a traditional sports broadcaster with the idea of simplifying the process of how newsrooms get digital video content from around the world to their online properties.

Since then our mission has been simple: help publishers thrive in a digital environment.

SendtoNews operates as a true partner to all publishers who want to give their users the best digital sports experience. We never charge for our service, rather opting to share our advertising revenue to ensure we are invested in the success of all our partners.

Capture an Unmatched Passion

We love the galvanizing power of sports. Fans use phrases like "we won" and "our team", illustrating a sense of pride and unity that can't be found in any other medium. Sports has the unique ability to build and connect a community on a nation-wide basis.

SendtoNews captures this mentality for publishers by making sure that top play, viral highlight or unforgettable interview is front and center on their site, providing the perfect accompaniment to world-class editorial.

With SendtoNews, publishers can become the official content provider of their audiences favorite team, becoming a destination that brings fans closer to the game than ever before

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